Our Why

We are on a continuous effort in defining our why by also redefining our relationship with every client we take within our company’s family. Our belief system is built with the client in mind, and the relationship we strive to build even after the services have been rendered.

Defining our ‘Why’ isn’t a new notion, but one worthy of revisiting as a regular practice. Simon Sinek, author of the book “Start With Why” (and the concept of “The Golden Circle”) popularized the idea and focused the microscope on it in his 2009 TED talk (the popular, third most viewed ever, TED talk). Digging for an organization’s deeper purpose and reasons for existence was concretely foregrounded as early as 1960 in a speech given to employees by David Packard.

“I want to discuss why a company exists in the first place. In other words, why are we here? I think many people assume, wrongly, that a company exists simply to make money. While this is an important result of a company’s existence, we have to go deeper and find the real reasons for our being.”

Our Why As A Company: Contribute to the technical security awareness for the betterment of society, within the construct of a shared-fate business model between us and our clients.

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