Our solutions are based on industry-recognized SIEM software systems like Splunk, Sentinel, Alien Vault and others.  We build the SOC or any its function at the Customer’s site (on-premises or in the clouds), or provide them as a service remotely.

Advanced monitoring and operation features offered by Merek Security Solutions:

  • Detection and protection from zero-day attacks
  • Extended malware protection
  • User behavior analytics and anomaly detection based on statistics or machine learning
  • Integration of the platform with third-party threat intelligence software
  • Proactive defense by integrating with security systems
  • Built-in vulnerability scanning or integration with third-party appliances
  • Extended Active Directory and File Service monitoring
  • Monitoring of administrator actions
  • Security baseline monitoring

While working on your security assessments and implementation plan, Merek Security Solutions also conducts the following:

  • Deep analysis of assets before connecting them to a network: setup required controls, logging level and risks assessment, agreement of an appropriate type of collection (agent or agentless)
  • Preliminary assessment and optimization of client logging infrastructure
  • Simulation of real attacks and vulnerability exploitation modeling for deep log discovery. As a result, minimum false-positive alerts after implementation
  • Development of custom parsing rules for non-standard or in-house applications
  • Deployment of automated incident handling tools
  • Integration with vulnerability scanners, public reputation, and security tracking services

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